April is just around the corner for the 1965Ride!

On 10 April those of us riding to Queenstown from Johannesburg will gather in Heidelberg to start our journey to the hill-girt on our bicycles. Once again there will be a mix of young and old, fit and unfit, men and women, Queenians and non-Queenians. The route to Queenstown will be, by and large, the same as last year, but the experience for this group will be totally different. Let the adventure begin!

At the beginning of the following week Alasdair McDonald and his intrepid walkers will set out on their journey – 20 kilometres per day for 5 days representing eventually the 100 years of existence of the Queen’s College Old Boys Association, the oldest of it kind of any school in South Africa!

Spread the message of these two totally aligned and important activities because both of them are aimed at enhancing and improving education in the Queenstown district. There is no-one that doubts that education is the greatest opportunity that our country has of becoming a truly winning nation and this is an opportunity to participate and contribute in a small but very personal way to achieving that goal!

Last Thursday Jen Wilson, Ashley Truscott and Tony Frost (JAT, for short) rode a chunk of the first leg of our cycle journey. It was super riding – rolling countryside, wind from behind and a reminder that not all potholes are potholes, some are swimming pools! We had fun and when we finished the passion for the ride was at a high.

We will be having frequent organising meetings between now and April and all suggestions are welcome.

At the moment this is what we are still short of:

Ø  A qualified medical emergency  person

Ø  Final numbers of riders and supporters so that we can finalise accommodation

Ø  Finalisation of support equipment, vehicles and personnel although we should have that sorted by the end of the week (watch this space for an important announcement)

Ø  Completed and returned Rider registration forms

Ø  Lots of sponsorship, including a name sponsor

Ø  Final arrangements for departure and arrival

Any ideas, suggestions or offers are most welcome!

The final proposed route for the 1965Ride Johannesburg to Queenstown is as follows (the walk itinerary will be published soon):

Day 1:    Heidelberg to Frankfort

Day 2:    Frankfort to Bethlehem

Day 3:    Bethlehem to Ficksburg (No Clarens this year so you don’t have to learn the “Clarens Hill” song!)

Day 4:   Ficksburg to Ladybrand

Day 5:   Ladybrand to Wepener

Day 6:   Wepener to Zastron

Day 7:   Zastron to Aliwal North

Day 8:   Aliwal North to Carnarvon

Day 9:  Carnarvon to Queenstown

Just a reminder: There is no entry fee but we encourage all cyclists to raise a minimum of R25000 which  entitles them to free accommodation and meals between Johannesburg and Queenstown and includes their arrival night in Queenstown.  Anything less than R25000 means that they will be liable for a pro rata portion of the costs.

This is one of the most amazing ways to have fun, make really good new friends and do good – all while seeing a spectacular part of our beautiful country!

Come and Ride with us!

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