Another From Andile Jonas

The day was good. Day 4 was my favorite so far and I was very reflective on the road today. We spent yesterday evening around the dinner table getting to know one another, each taking a turn to tell the story of who they are and why we are on this ride. Very personal tributes. Through each story I was amazed at how much history we all have between us. The diversity of our backgrounds is something special. Among us we have a pilot, an ex marine, a springbok athlete, a life coach, and an environmentalist: and that’s just Antony John Frost! We have so many stories to tell that I wanted to bring our History to the centre stage today young blood. I’m told by Donne Hartley that the History curriculum these days brings South African History to the classroom in a way that we never had. I want to ask you to pay attention Young Blood because that History is and always will be part of who you are. It is so important that you are informed about the bricks that build this nation and who worked to lay them down. This will insulate you from the fear and panic and anger that is so readily flung around when clear and sober minds are required. Understand who you are as a person because if you don’t, your History will always make the Present Tense

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