After Three Days

We have really experienced it all in these first three days.

Awful conditions; chilly, wet conditions; windy gusty conditions; and on Day 3 beautiful cycling weather.

We have however had superb support from our ever-present Chief of Cyclist’s Wellness Magic Mike Warren and our bustling Chief of Support and other delights Ian Dorrington. Thanks Guys you have no idea how important your presence and roles are!

The accommodation, as always, has been wonderfully comfortable and well appointed.

We (especially Ian)  had a lovely surprise when purely by chance Ian’s cousin Rob came passed on his way to a wedding. After a five minute chat we were all on our way again.

Now for some stats:

Day 1:

141 kms

7:39:12 and over 10 hours in transit

18:44 km/hour average speed

5287 calories

1052 metres descent


Day 2:

66.2 kms

3:23:01 time

19:55 km/hour average speed

2408 calories

549 metres descent


Day 3:

147 kms

6:32:15 time

22:52 average speed

5668 calories

1406 metres descent

This shows conclusively that this is mostly a downhill tour!

Oh yes by the way there were some incidental hills along the way which amounted to a total ascent of 3104 metres


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