9th March 2018 Blog and Feedback

8th March Action Committee Meeting

1965Ride Action Committee’s final meeting for the ride was held on Friday this week.

As the newbie to the Action Committee, I had no idea of the extensive arrangements, and action items which needed to be in place for the success of the ride.

To mention a few, various province road usage approvals, Road insurance, support vehicles and drivers, Paramedics, Fuel, accommodation, spares, kit, food, nutritional advice and supplements and water…….. and let’s not forget the sponsors.

This dynamic team, can report that all is on track for a successful, safe and fun ride.

Saturday 9th March

Three weeks to go……..

After being ill (again) and not cycling for three weeks, today got back into the saddle and rode from “For Goodness Sake restaurant”  in Muldersdrift in the Cradle of Mankind, to the caves and back. This route is just under 40km, with terrain that varies, but includes up-hills and downhills. They are for the most part manageable, but get your legs and cardio working.

My heart was racing with the fear of the “dreaded” road bike and the “demon” cleats!!!  But I knew that I had to just do it!

In my first 50 meters I had a panic shut down moment, as I had started in a heavy, hard gear on an uphill.  I was cleated in and felt as if I was about to fall.  Sometimes, the fear of what if, surmounts the fact that most of the what you fear never happens.

The rest of the ride was really enjoyable.  The wind, the freedom, the beautiful country side.  We shared our road with a monkey and many birds.  I managed far better than I had hoped and even improved my downhills, by not sitting on the brakes as I had in the past.

Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance,

You need to keep moving.

(Albert Einstein)