Desperate for a massage on Day Four

Day four of the 1965 Ride was one of fun, pancakes, admiring the Maluti mountain range and getting that much needed relief of our muscles upon our arrival in Ladybrand.

There were obviously a few unsettling bumps along the way but they were made easy by the good road surface and the frequency of the breaks.

The first pitstop could not have come quicker on this shorter 67km ride but it seemingly was Bruce Raasch’s overzealousness to get to Ladybrand for a massage that stole the moment.

Raasch couldn’t hold himself and summoned med Mike to fiddle with his thighs that are in dire need of a tan.

There was no cramping nor was there any stiffness but it was Raasch’s way of showing his softer side after manfully wrestling the king of the mountain prize from the other manne from Komani.

The best pitstop of the day was still to come at what has become a traditional pitstop at the famous Constantia Padstal for their delicious pancakes.

Once on the table there was an eerie silence on the upper deck at the padstal as all the riders and support crew tucked in on the handful of pancakes put before them.

That cherry juice went down well and gave us enough energy to take on the remainder of the 40km but not before Rob Fleming insinuated we take along one of the well fed chickens for supper tonight.

It was all downhill to Ladybrand with Dini “Mshini” Gudlindlu and Lwandile Qokweni feeling so strong that they took the long road into town and to Cranberry Cottage.

There is no doubt that this was the easiest day of the ride and by far the most comfortable and it was capped off with a massage, a few dops which Marc Bradley and Andrew Nel so kindly sponsored and the best dinner so far.

Rob are you sure you left that chicken behind!

Andrew Mills wasn’t feeling so lekker after a night out in Ficksburg at the country club and I think much of it also had to do with his challenge to Danie Venter.

Nobody challenges Danie and wins because while Andrew said he was growing his moustache to equal that of Danie’s and would ride the hills off Danie as well, DJ Danie woke up with a clean shaved face and quietly got onto his tandem bike with Adelle Rizzo and if I’m not mistaken made it into Ladybrand with Andrew.

Hopefully there will be as much fun and games on the climb out of Ladybrand on our way to Wepener.

Compiled by Vata Ngobeni and Dini Gudlindlu

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