8 days to the 1965Ride.

8 days to go!

Much has happened and is happening.

This past weekend Jen and Tony drove to Queenstown to do two things: To check the route and to deliver the Jurgens bike trailer plus a bike for Julie.

We managed to succeed with two of these. Unfortunately, before we even left Johannesburg we had lost the bike that was very kindly being loaned by Jen’s son Jamie for Julie to ride the 1965Ride. It had somehow managed to break the Velcro strap securing the back wheel and then flew off into the night. We turned back when it was discovered that it was no longer with us but it was never to be seen by us again. Darn!

The drive down the route and through the Free State was great. The road is greatly improved over last year and only a relatively short section now remains which is potholed. Some of the potholes actually resemble swimming pools but we’ll manage. It is much more difficult to navigate the potholes by car than by bicycle. The rest of the road is either in good or excellent shape for us.

We stopped for breakfast at the Woodpecker Lodge in Ficksburg for breakfast and were treated to a delicious breakfast by Eureka and Leon. We will see them again in just over a week. Our very deepest sympathies go out to them at the loss of their son. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

There are still a myriad of small things to do before we finally hit the road next Wednesday, the most important of which is to finalise our medical cover. We are getting closer to this and we hope to be able to confirm this in the next few days. However if anyone knows of a medic who would like to contribute to building a better nation by supporting education by supporting our ride and have a great time doing so please let us know!!

The farewell and send-off function will be held at the Rivonia Sports Club at 18:00 on Tuesday evening the 9th April. The Headmasters of Queen’s Senior and Junior schools will be in attendance and it would be great to see any and all who support this cause being part of proceedings. It will be a cash bar function.

In the meantime please tell everyone what we are trying to do and send any sponsors or potential sponsors our way!

As always you will be able to follow our progress on Twitter (@1965ride), our Facebook page and of course, here on the blog.

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