5th April 2019 – Day 3

Day 3  – Reitz to Fouriesburg

Today started with the downpour we were all dreading  –  but which Tony had been promising for some time.   Tony, today we all believe you!     The rain was very wet, the weather was very cold, the people were very quiet…….   It was a privilege to experience the elements and be totally at the mercy of nature.  There was so much rain that you could smell the tar and the diesel on the road.

Someone commented at the time that the diesel could be from Ann’s bike  –  the way she powers along so smoothly, like a human Lister engine.

Strangely having already travelled 220km on our crazy journey, today was the first sign:  Beware of potholes!  Go figure!  Coupled with sunglasses which have no windscreen wipers, huge trucks, never-ending potholes and narrow roads, it’s a blessing were are all fine and in one piece tonight.

After the first 25km, one of today’s esteemed bloggers asked our cycling gang to describe the day in one word  –  the best were Kak;  Hectic;  Gatvol.

We need to make mention of Superman AKA Dries, who again today came to the rescue of many damsels in distress.   Having said yesterday that he had found his Kryptonite {being the long hills}, clearly he overcame this…..   Thank goodness!

At 43km into the day, our fearless leader had a flat!  That’s a licence for all of us to get one.

As we arrived in Bethlehem (known to some as Bloemfontein), we were met by the local traffic department and we had the wonderful experience of travelling in the blue light brigade for the very first time.   Someone commented that we are like dignitaries but Teagan hastened to add, that of course we are!  We were escorted to the Isuzu dealership and our speedsters entered the showroom in search of (clearly) beers  –  and rumour has it that Gavin slid in very gracefully!  No beers, but very welcome coffee and delicious muffins.

The very friendly traffic officers joined us for refreshments and photos and then escorted us out of town.  For a small town in the middle of the Freestate, the traffic was a bit manic so we are indebted to them.

We had a reality check when two cars collided as they were apparently impatient to pass the cyclists.  Thankfully nobody was hurt  –  except the cars (especially the red bakkie)!

Lunch was very late today!  We were relieved to arrive in Fouriesburg to have lunch at Di Plaasstoep (and for the Aussies among us –  that’s The Farm Verandah).   We had probably the best lasagna that anyone has ever tasted because we were ravenous!   The fireplace was the main attraction, both for heating bodies and clothes alike.

Much to our disgust there is no Uber in Fouriesburg!   So there was no other alternative but to climb back onto our bikes and ride the last 8km.   107km for the day.   Well done everyone!

The prize today goes to someone who unselfishly goes out of his way to help others – at his own expense – without complaining – Superman

Blog by – Linda, Francois, Barnaby