4th October 2018 Blog

Today while forcing myself to run to improve my cardio fitness in preparation for the ride, two things came to mind.  Firstly, where are you with your training?  I’m one month in, and for the first time since starting, I felt strong and that I wasn’t going to die within the first fifteen minutes!  (There’s hope for me yet!).  If you haven’t started training in earnest yet, you need to read up on the tips on our website, and then diarise to ride……. We ride most weekends in the cradle.  It would be a good idea to join us as not only is it good training, but the support and family comradery goes a long way.  Secondly,  as a day dreamer, I used to watch the trees and more specifically the wind gusting, or dancing through the trees……. Now I look at this wind dance through the leaves with trepidation and relate it to the ride…… most enlightening!