2nd October 2018 Blog

Goal established, registered and committed to the 1965Ride! Now what? Guess the next step would be to purchase a bike. As simple as It may sound, this was not as easy as thirty years ago, where a bike is a bike is a bike, which would come standard with wheels, handle bars, saddles and peddles.  On visits to cycle shops I was astounded to see the range of bikes extend from entry level to those that cost as much as a car. Wesbank now diversifying as the preferred cycle wheels finance bank! Who would have thought – finance for a bicycle with no engine! Bikes don’t come in one size fits all , and it is recommended that you have an assessment to find out the perfect fit for your body. (More so for comfort and efficiency to complete the endurance of 850km). This includes inner and outer leg, and arm and torso measurements. Found out that my legs are longer than my husbands which lead to many comments as to how this could be possible, as he is taller than I.  His explanations were certainly creative! Peddles are an optional extra as cleat systems preferred and suggested. The options were so extensive but fortuitously mentor and founder of 1965Ride Sir Tony Frost came to the rescue and simplified the conundrum by purchasing my first bike for me. If you still need to purchase your bike, I recommend speak with Tony.