1965Ride only two sleeps away!

Just two more sleeps!

Just about everything is done and dusted and we are pretty much ready to ride; what isn’t done now probably cannot be done so there is no sense in stressing about it.

We have had simply magnificent support from all sorts of people and organisations.

Particular mention must be made of the Life HealthCare teams in Heidelberg and Queenstown as well Alan from Alderson’s Ambulance Service in Queenstown who really at the last minute have pulled things together and gone way beyond the extra mile to make sure that we are well covered medically. We are totally grateful to all of you!

We have the GM banners. The ride kit has been delivered and is ready for collection tomorrow morning; we will collect the last of our support vehicles, an Isuzu double cab from Isando GM tomorrow morning; the Biogen endurance supplements will be collected in the morning; and thanks, a very BIG thanks, to Rhett Barker and the Barker Insurance Brokers team who have not only provided insurance this year at the last minute but also sponsorship. These are the type of people, the level of generosity and support we are being given for our efforts to transform education in Queenstown. This kind of generosity of the human spirit makes us realise that this is the kind of country we want to live in!

The Queenstown contingent are packed; their bicycles are on the Jurgens trailer; they have the medical bag kindly arranged at massive effort by Alderson’s and early tomorrow morning they will hit the highway to Jozi in order to take to the road to eKomani the next day. We wish them very happy travels and bon voyage. See you tomorrow night at the send-off party guys and gal!

Sleep tight. Only one more to go!

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