18th October 2018 Blog

Life balance is delicate …….

Each one of us experiences a speed wobble every so often!  Some of us can see it coming, and for some it just side swipes you unexpectedly.

This week I felt off balance and couldn’t quite put my finger on why!

In retrospect, I believe it is due to over commitment, and to feeling that I may have let someone I care about down.

This brought to mind the cycling and what it feels like when you catch a real on road speed wobble……(yes I do those!)

Recently on my first MTB ride, I looked back and lost my balance and veered off at a 90 degree angle to the left, down a ditch, nearly knocking over a lady innocently walking along, narrowly missing the vertical poles positioned to discourage access, and finally wheeling over the abandoned branches of a “wag a bietjie boom”.  I was lucky!  Through all that I reconciled my balance and re-joined the road circuit much to the surprise of all onlookers.  (it must have been a very funny sight).  I also managed to puncture my brand new front tyre with one of the trees tarantula thorns.

My message is that while we strive for balance in all things, being off balance brings one to introspection and through introspection you discover more about yourself and gain insights into others.