17 days to go to the 1965Ride

17 days to go!

Firstly we need to offer the condolences of all the 1965Riders and their stakeholders to Leon and Jen Jacobs with the passing of Jen’s mother. The Jacobs family is in our prayers at this time.

Some may have seen the 1965Ride Facebook posting regarding the visit with the HOG (Harley Owners Group) to Heidelberg. It was an entertaining experience. Tony was on his old (33 years old) Honda accompanied by 6 growling Harleys. We were noticed! That’s for sure!

The new departure venue and the route out of Heidelberg were inspected and HOG Group leader, John Koller, pronounced himself satisfied that it would be much easier this year than last year. It was also agreed, however, that for the first 10 kilometres the cyclists would have to remain in a really tight group to be able assure maximum possible protection over this busy part of the journey.

It seems like we will have around 17 cyclists. A couple are still hovering but, whatever the case, there will be more of us this year than last. There are some changes to the route but it seems that we are pretty much set for the adventure.

The Farewell function on the 9th at the Rivonia Sports Club with Headmasters of both Queen’s College Senior and Junior in attendance  augurs for a great event.

We have wonderfully supportive sponsors and we are sure that there will still be some late supporters who will join our mission to transform education in Queenstown.

Over the Easter Weekend we will drive to Queenstown with the Jurgens cycle trailer to check the route and to leave the trailer for the Queenstown contingent to bring their bicycles up to Johannesburg on the 9th!

Time is running out! Come and ride with us!Image

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