11th October 2018 Blog

So a few months back I registered for Body20 to supplement my training.

I’m a lazy muscle strength person and can’t bring myself to repetition and weight training – never have and never will!

So I signed up for the twenty minutes EMS training sessions ……. how difficult could it be!  (that in itself is a whole different discussion).

So today like every other session, I dress up, show up, and try to grow a positive attitude on the way.

However, a whole new perspective revealed itself.  You see, I’m a big girl!  I don’t mean the kind of big that you wish you are when your four years old, I mean I’m tall and big, and all my life I’ve been the tallest and biggest girl.  So when I feel small and short it is very noticeable to myself.

Today there was a new trainer on the floor…….. he calls for a super small – what I call a BC outfit which is actually their torture training kits (ha ha) so I tell him, I’m not a super small!  Turns out I am and I fit!  Surprise number 1!

Surprise number 2! – noticing your trainer is “Thor” I mean muscles that you don’t argue with!  Legs like tree stumps and arms like lightening!  I must be in the right place, I inwardly say to myself, and muffle my resistive argument to the intense exercise under wonder and awe!