11 weeks to go!

11 weeks to go!  Soon we will be counting the days!

This last week we reconnoitred the JHB route and visited the places we are going to stay and all is in place. The accommodation is good. The road is mostly in great shape, we have potentially two qualified first aiders on the team and the numbers continue to grow!

I am amazed at how the idea of supporting the most important thing we can do in our country – educate the kids – by riding a bicycle to Queenstown is catching on. And we are absolutely elated that this should be happening.

But there is still much to do. We still seek major sponsors. One or two majors would make such a huge difference to what we can achieve in terms of providing talented youngsters with a chance to create a future that neither they nor their families could have dreamed of.

Already we are seeing some of the results of the bursaries we were able to award this year. Jerry  Danquah broke the school under 16 shot putt record. How many more boys of talent are waiting to be unearthed and given this sort of chance? Just by  riding a bicycle to Queenstown.

The Cape Town route is now finalised, thanks to Leon Jacobs; the East London route is ready for riders thanks to Marlene Stals and the JHB route is now ready to run. All that remains is for us to finalise the PE route and see if we can get a group coming from KZN.

It seems like a good idea to give each of these routes special names and the latest offering is as follows:

  •     Johannesburg – the Golden Express
  •     Cape Town – the TransKaroo Express
  •     East London – the Amathole Express
  •     Port Elizabeth – the iBhayi Express
  •    KZN – the Drakensberg Express

These names are merely suggestions and any other offers will be welcomed and given to the adjudication committee for a final decision.

In the weeks that lie ahead we will be stepping up our PR efforts and doing whatever we can to make sure that we find as much support as we can muster from all quarters. Any help that you can give in this regard will be warmly welcomed.

There is still room for more to ride and plenty of space for many more sponsors!

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