10th October 2018 Blog

Edition 1 – Fear Factor…… !!!

Live – feel – breath – conquer!

26 August, I embarked on my first road cycle ride on my newly acquired road bike.

In no particular order of importance or fear factor rating I highlight the following…

Balance – all I was told is if you can ride a bike you can ride a bike…….. simple!  Not so much!

Gravel – hell yes ……. Dust and stones!!!! They are like little demons waiting to take you down!

Cleats! I get the science behind them, but hell no! The technique may sound simple to those explaining, but try it…… it’s not for sissies!

Downhills – this is where I might need censored language…….  It feels as if you are barreling down a cliff, on two spindly wheels at 100 plus kilometers an hour, and all I can think of is taking a wobbly and being scraped off the road!

Pain……..!!!!!!  Everything aches and pains.  Muscles and body parts you were never aware of come alive.

Something no one talks about……. The saddle pain……

Watch this space as I delve into the unknown and unspoken female saddle pain.