10th February 2019 Blog

51 Days!

Today rode out to loosen the legs and get the blood flowing!  Agreed on a short ride, as we had family visiting.

We decided on our, around the Rietvlei View Country Estate and surrounding farms round route jolly.  It’s a route of gravel roads, interwoven between crops and mielie plantations….. very pretty if you can take a breather between the physical effort and concentration.

There is a balance of up-hills and downhills to build the fitness, but it never allows you to relax.  Roughly 20km.

So here I am, pedaling along…… there is a small gruesome uphill  in the first phase, which I call my treacherous warm up, challenge my mind, and commitment and strength uphill….. but it has yet to win!

We eventually even out around 7km in. This is the warm up phase.

Anyhow I have an ah ha moment!  Yes, one of those rare moments!

It suddenly comes to mind that since I had been riding, this was the first successive ride….. yes one day’s ride after another, that my butt and privates were not crying in pain!!!!

So perhaps my pansy pathetic, is transiting to Iron Maiden!

Watch this space……. let’s do this!